COVID-19 Policies & International Student Arrival | Dear Angela

Dear Angela, We are so excited to meet our new international student but feel a little confused about the policies around COVID-19. Do you have any more information on your policies? — For many Student Development Managers, ... Read More

Asian Cabbage Salad & Shanghai-style Cold Noodles | Meals for International Students

Cooking is a delightful way of sharing cultures and getting to know your international student, what better way to make your student feel at home than a home-cooked meal. Invite your student to join you on a shopping trip to your ... Read More

Reflecting on COVID-19: A Year in the Pandemic Life | Cambridge Network Homestay

Resilience is an often-used word. However, never in our collective history has the definition been more profound than it’s been since March 2020, when the COVID pandemic took over the world! As we bid farewell to our student... Read More

Planning Your Summer Homestay for International Students | Dear Angela

Dear Angela, Summer is supposed to be a time for students to have fun and enjoy new experiences. How do the students feel about summer homestay? How can I, as a host, make the best summer for my international students? I want to m... Read More

Cambridge Network 2021 Host Family Appreciation Post!

It takes incredibly caring individuals to open your homes and hearts to an international student. Cambridge Network is beyond grateful to work with an entire village of inspiring, kind, and open-minded hosts to count on each year.... Read More

What should host families do with their international student’s stuff when they move out? | Dear Angela

Now that daylight savings time has started, and we have entered the final stretch of the school year, the question we get from host families more often than any other is, “what do we do with all our international studentR... Read More

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