Welcoming Back International Students: 10 Steps to Prepare Your Home!

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Enhancing International Student-Host Family Matches: The Cambridge Net...

  Creating meaningful connections between international students and host families is a crucial aspect of successful study abroad experiences. Over the years, the Cambridge Network has been dedicated to facilitating these rel... Read More

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Farewell to Our International Students: Until We Meet Again!

As the summer season is here, it’s time to bid farewell to our beloved international students who have been an integral part of our educational community. Saying goodbye is never easy, but we take solace in knowing that this... Read More

Exploring Chinese Summer Traditions: A Guide for Host Families Welcomi...

As summer approaches, host families in America eagerly await the arrival of their international students, including those from China and other Asian countries. Understanding and appreciating their cultural traditions can help crea... Read More

Engaging Activities for Families Hosting International Students!

Hosting an international student can be a truly enriching experience for both the host family and the student. Not only does it provide an opportunity to learn about different cultures and traditions, but it also fosters mutual un... Read More

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