Preparing for Chinese New Year | Homestay Happenings

Chinese New Year, also called “Spring Festival” has more than 4,000 years of history originating during the Shang Dynasty. It is the most important annual event for China and one of many Lunar New Year celebrations in ... Read More

How are Host Families Paid? Cambridge Network Stipend Process | Homestay Happenings

Wondering about our stipend process? Cambridge Network provides a monthly stipend to each approved host family who houses a Cambridge Network student. This payment is intended to cover the cost of having an additional person in th... Read More

Cambridge Homestay Travel Policy | Homestay Happenings

At Cambridge Network, we strive to assure student safety to the greatest extent possible, have knowledge of a student’s location and ensure that students participate in host family activities and school programs, through Cambrid... Read More

Longevity Noodles | Cambridge Network Cooking Corner

Longevity Noodles, or yi mien, is a popular dish served on birthdays and other celebratory occasions to symbolize long life, prosperity, and good luck. This simple version is an egg drop soup served over noodles. It is also a grea... Read More

Happy Student Initiative | Homestay Happenings

Cambridge Network is happy to share the recent successes of our Happy Student Initiative. Host families play a vital role in the well-being and success of our students, and we hope you will join us in support of this mission. A si... Read More

Advice from Current Hosts to Welcome Your New Student

Another exciting school year has begun for Cambridge Network as our host families and students have been looking forward to meeting one another or reuniting again. As host families and students get acclimated with one another, it ... Read More