It’s International Education Week!

“International Education Week is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide.”


This year, International Education Week (IEW) is November 16-20. During this week, we encourage our students, hosts, and schools to embrace their cultural exchange and inspire others to learn more! International Education Week is a joint effort between the State Department and Department of Education to educate people about the programs that promote cultural exchange and to acknowledge all the students who participate in them.


So how can you get involved? During IEW, ask your students about themselves, their culture, and their favorite foods or activities. Ask your student to teach you some words from their native language or show you how to cook one of their favorite meals. Tell them about your travels and where you have been in the world. We all have stories to tell and it is a great conversation for hosts and students to have with each other in order to open up about their lives.


Learning more about international education allows us to learn more about the world. Even if you are not currently hosting a student, you can still participate. Everyone should take the time to learn something new about a different culture or country. Read a book, watch an international film, take a cooking class, or research a trip you have always wanted to go on. The earth has 7.1 billion people living on it and International Education Week is a great time to start learning about them! There is no better time than now. 


Click here to learn more about IEW and how you can get involved!