Hang Li Wins York School Math Competition

Congratulations to Hang Li, who in his first year at York School has recently distinguished himself by earning a top score in the American Mathematics Competitions!


The AMCs are taken every year by over 350,000 students at thousands of schools throughout the world. Established 60 years ago, the competition is the longest running and most prestigious in the United States.York School, in Monterey, CA, has just announced that Hang Li was the school winner for the AMC 10 for 2015. The test Li took was a 75-minute, 25-question, multiple-choice exam with problems involving geometry, trigonometry, functions, statistics, and probability. It is also worth noting that the test was taken without the aid of a calculator. The main purpose of the competition is to spur interest and develop talent in the field of mathematics. When asked for comment, Li’s math teacher, June Trachsel, was not surprised by his success: “I can always count on Li to ask intelligent, insightful questions in class.”

Li himself responded to the news in characteristically modest fashion, saying only that he “was lucky.”  We think there may have been a little more to it than that and would like to extend our wholehearted congratulations to Li in celebration of his success during his first year in America!