Host mother testimonial: Who’s teaching whom?

Veteran teacher, Sue Mabry, is used to helping her elementary students learn the basics: the alphabet, counting, sharing… building blocks for higher learning. Sometimes, the tables turn, and the teacher becomes the student. That’s what happened for this host mother from Ohio.

Below is a testimonial from a host mother about her experience with her student Chen Lan who attends Elyria Catholic High School in Elyria, OH.

“I am so glad I became a part of the Cambridge Institute program as a host mother. As much as I have hopefully taught Lan, she has taught me as much. I have been an elementary school teacher for 39 years, and I feel I have been able to ‘teach’ as a host mom in such a special, wonderful and rewarding way! I will admit that it has taken a lot of time and work to try and understand the culture and make it be the best learning experience for Lan, but I wouldn’t change the decision I made at all!! It has truly been a year I will treasure!!”

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