Coming This Fall: The Gphomestay Host Family Portal

We are proud to announce the future release of the Gphomestay Host Family Portal coming this fall. The portal, an online, confidential and secure website,  allows host families to manage their information, engage with gphomestay and receive all relevant content related to being matched with and hosting an international student. Below are some features and benefits that you will receive when you sign up for the Host Family Portal!

Review and Manage Your Information

The Host Family Portal is your new avenue into the host family application process. If you have previously hosted, setting up a new profile will allow you to see your application, download documents related to hosting, and see the schools near your home that are in need of host families. You will also be able to update family and home photos used in your Host Family Profile. If you have already completed an application, you will be receive an invitation to join the portal in the fall.

Starting in the fall, new applicants who fill out and submit an application will automatically receive a login to the Host Family Portal. Setting it up only takes a few moments, and you will have access to everything returning hosts have access to.

Review and Manage Student Matches

As you continue down the application and matching process, you will be able to view the student(s) who have chosen you to be their host family. In this section, you’ll be able to view biographies, pictures, and all pertinent travel information you will need to pick up your student from the airport and house the student. Some of this information includes student health insurance information, travel information, and the Matriculation Packet of your matched student.

House all Necessary Paperwork

In addition to all student documents, you will also be able to download and view all forms and documents related to becoming a host family, securely, in one place. These documents include Frequently Asked Questions, The Host Family Handbook, and forms to fill out like the W-9 form, the direct deposit form, and a stipend and W-9 explainer sheet.

Discover New Hosting Ideas

The Host Family Portal also houses RSS feeds for the gphomestay blogs and social accounts. This allows you to see the tips and tricks we recommend without having to leave the portal; it’s a one-stop-shop. We frequently update our blog and social media sites with tips and tricks to hosting an international student, cultural differences, success stories, and recipes to help make your hosting experience the best it can be.

Be on the lookout for the official release. We will be sending out additional information and how to sign up for this great tool this fall!