What It’s Like to be an International Student at Lawrence Woodmere Academy

Eric Liu is a Sophomore at Lawrence Woodmere Academy. He has only been studying in the United States for a few months and was voted student class president, and joined the Model United Nations Club. We spoke with Eric recently to learn about how he integrated into his school so quickly, and what advice he has to new student studying in the United States for the first time.

Describe Your Experience So Far At Lawrence Woodmere Academy

At first, I decided to study in the U.S. for better education and expanding my horizon. LWA was my top choice school because of diversity, AP courses, and clubs. Also, small classes at this school is my main reason for attending. My favorite classes are Science, History, and English. I feel like my classmates and teachers are like my family. They are very friendly. When I face difficulties on tests. I’d like to solve it by myself. If I could not do it, I will ask for help. Language is the biggest challenge for me.

Tell Us How You Got Involved in School

I participate in Model UN Club, Golf Team and Cycling Team [on top of being student class president]! I plan to participate in swimming team. I always try to join sport teams and participate in activities [to get more involved with school because] it help[ed] me integrate into my school. Joining the Model UN Club helps me to [meet new people]. I wanted the position [of class president] to help me study hard. Also, I hope to get involved with classmates to do activities.

How Is Living With Your Host Family?

When I first came to their home, they were very delighted to talk with me. They had everything set up in the room. Communication with them was the biggest challenge. I feel that I am a family member to them. My favorite part [of living with them] is cycling with them.

What Advice To Other International Students Do You Have?

Always try to talk with Americans. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to talk with others who are not Chinese and participate in activities. Discovering new activities [helped me become more self-aware]; for example, we went on a trip through the agency to the Haunted House which was new to me. [Host parents should] be patient when students are asking questions.


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