Proudly Introducing Cambridge Network’s New Company Logo

Press Release

 Aug 2, 2017 – Boston, U.S. – Cambridge Network is proud to announce the launch of its new logo as part of the ongoing evolution of the company’s brand image and identity.

As a service expert in management and consulting for U.S. high school education, Cambridge Network is one of the foremost educational industry leaders in China, and encompasses three main pillars of business: student recruitment, host family programs, and academic services. To align with Cambridge Network’s overall strategic development and expanding business plan, the company is excited to introduce one unified brand. This unified brand image is rendered official with the introduction of the company’s new logo.

The new logo encompasses the original phoenix with freshly added elements such as the shield and ribbon to highlight the power of transformation in this company. In Eastern culture, the phoenix is revered as a legendary and sacred bird that reigns over all other birds, and serves as a symbol for harmony and immortality. In Western culture, the phoenix represents rebirth, and this coincides with the company’s business values and philosophy. When students and families choose to study abroad, they have chosen a unique experience, and essentially, a new life.

The newly incorporated “shield” has a significant meaning: In Western culture, the shield symbolizes intelligence, and its main purpose is to defend. It portrays the idea of prevailing against all odds and overcoming challenges. Being in the education industry, Cambridge Network adheres to its commitment to provide excellent customer service and aims to expand human perspectives and world harmony through education. At the same time, Cambridge Network strives to be that shield and protector for students and parents, and is ready to utilize its years of accumulated expertise to provide support and mediation services to students. The “ribbon” acts as a symbol of honor, and the company has always felt honored to be a leader in education. Furthermore, Cambridge Network hopes to impart this honor to its students, supporting them in building a bright future for themselves.

This redesigned logo marks a crucial milestone for Cambridge Network; it signifies the central core value of this company, which is to be “customer-focused”. Thus, Cambridge Network now also introduces the newly founded role of Family Education Advisor, to provide students and parents with exceptional service and attention.


About Cambridge Network

Cambridge Network is the expert in management and consulting for U.S. high school education. As an exclusive representative for 250+ private U.S. high schools and 18 public schools, the company marshals its extensive experience to provide exceptional host family management and academic services to international students.

Cambridge Network has 400 employees across the globe, all equipped with multilingual skills and deep cultural experiences. Every year there are more than 2600 international students who work with Cambridge to study at their dream U.S. high schools. Because of Cambridge Network’s exceptional performance and growth, the company was selected by the U.S. magazine “Inc.” as the second-fastest growing company, in 2014, and again in 2015.

Currently, Cambridge Network has offices in four countries (U.S., China, Korea, and Vietnam) and ten cities (Los Angeles and San Francisco in the U.S., Seoul in Korea, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, and Chengdu in China) and one region in Taiwan with exclusive partnerships. To learn more about Cambridge Network, please visit