The Future of the Gaokao

The Gaokao is China’s national college entrance exam. Taken during a nine hour period, it is a grueling test and the sole criterion for admission to Chinese universities. The below article shares more insight and information on the future of the Gaokao.

“The notorious Gaokao, (高考, or “High Test”) is China’s SAT on steroids, with a score on the nine-hour test being the sole criterion for admission to Chinese universities. Preparing for the test is a years-long obsession for both students and parents. And for many, the unfortunate consequence is that the lengthy preparation destroys, rather than enhances, academic ability. Student enthusiasm and curiosity are crushed.

Although many in China are aware of the Gaokao’s impact, the test has a 1,300-year history and will not be easily killed. Instead, perhaps the best way to break the Gaokao’s life-draining grasp is indirectly, through clubs and activities that rejuvenate kids’ sense of curiosity and fun. And two weeks ago I discovered one such extra-curricular activity that’s becoming popular among Chinese math-lovers: The Math League, an organization based in New Jersey committed to having kids worldwide enjoy math and discussions about problem-solving.”

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