6 Online Resources to Help Your International Student Develop Their English

International students are here first and foremost for one thing: to learn. In order to adjust to a new culture and properly get an education in the U.S, international students will need to develop their English language skills. As non-native speakers, international students will need to hone their English speaking skills through practice with their host family, teachers, and peers.

International students learn basic English before arriving to the U.S, and they choose to further immerse themselves in the culture by living with host families. Without properly progressing and learning English, international students may begin to exhibit symptoms of culture shock. With practice and time, international students can become completely fluent in the English language.

However, there are some ways to expedite the learning process. One highly accessible resource for developing language skills is the internet: ESL podcasts, YouTube videos, and language development websites can greatly benefit international students seeking to improve their English.

Here are some useful online resources and learning tools for international students. These resources are great for anyone who is struggling with their English, or these can be used as a supplemental and fun learning resource!

English Class 101:

Free English lessons focused on fun, interesting, and culturally relevant exercises.

international student english resource

Featuring over 1,400 audio and video lessons, this site is a great resource for learning English through free lessons released weekly on mobile apps, desktop software, and their website.

Podcasts in English:

A podcast site designed for all levels of English learners.

international student english resource

This site includes free English lessons for beginners and advanced students alike. Sign up for the monthly newsletters and get free worksheets to help practice!

Luke’s ENGLISH Podcast:

An insightful learning resource with a focus on fun and comedy.

international student english resource

An award winning podcast led by an exuberant teacher/stand-up comedian, this site aims to make you laugh as you learn.


Taking real life experiences and translating them for ESL students.

international student english resource

Need advice on how to communicate with a pharmacist when you are sick? How about getting a refund when returning an item you’ve purchased? This site is full of useful tips for communicating in common situations.

The English We Speak:

Short clips aimed to educate students on English slang.

international student english resource

This podcast releases new material weekly with a focus on English slang, idioms, and how to use them properly. Clips are short, relevant, and easy to follow along.

6 Minute Grammar:

Improve your listening and speaking fluency with British English from the BBC.

international student english resource

Brush up on your English with six minute clips designed to teach you key areas of English grammar each week.

For additional online resources, check out “ESL Podcasts International Students Should Be Listening To.”

The best way to help your international student learn is by interacting with them on a daily basis. International students will likely dedicate a lot of their time learning and perfecting their English speaking skills, so share these resources and help them learn with fun and constructive tools!