9 Tips for Communicating with Your International Student

When your international students arrive in the U.S, it is likely that they will initially have trouble communicating since they have not had much practice with the English language. Without the proper proficiency needed to communicate, it can be extremely difficult and frustrating for your international student to converse in even the most basic interactions. The inability to properly communicate can lead to a decrease in overall happiness, and increase the chances of culture shock for an international student.

Many of us have studied foreign languages in the classroom, but conversing with a native speaker of said language is an entirely different ball game. Accents, dialects, slang, and intonation change depending on your location. Anyone unfamiliar with your vernacular will likely request you speak slowly and clearly in order for them to understand.

We have compiled a video titled “9 Tips for Communicating with New English Language Speakers” to assist you while you communicate with your international student.