Building for a Stronger Future: The Cambridge Network Remodels Operations

The Cambridge Network announced it has remodeled its operations to combine the Program Management and gphomestay teams into one “Program Operations” team. The remodeling results in a 7% reduction in workforce – approximately 49 positions – and allows full-time staff to replace part-time staff, bringing our teams closer to the students, host families, and schools they serve.

The new structure removes functional redundancies, and improves overall delivery service to schools, students and host families. Specifically, these changes will allow The Cambridge Network to:

  • simplify internal touch points to students, schools and host families assuring a higher-level of service
  • regionalize the business to best address activity within each geographic region

“In the past, we have remotely managed part-time staff who supported our students, which is simply not sustainable,” said Christine Lin, President and co-founder. “From this point forward we are changing our approach from remote control to local control. We recognize that the news, especially at this time of year, is difficult for our employees, their families and communities. We are grateful for the commitment of our employees and will do our best to support their future endeavors.”

While The Cambridge Network has remodeled operations and reduced workforce, the company remains strong as an organization and will continue to see growth in: international student experiences. For example:

  • expected student enrollment for the 2016 school year is 1,700, bringing the total student population we serve to more than 4,000
  • twenty new schools have engaged with The Cambridge Network for the 2016 school year, bringing the total number of partner schools to more than 300


What does this mean for schools?
Student Services Coordinator, a key new role at Cambridge, will have an even more student-centered approach by caring for both the student’s living situation and school relationship. The coordinator, your new point of contact, will be located close to you, ensuring more frequent school visits and contact with students. Other specialists will support the host recruitment and orientation process, with Support Service Managers to advise them. Regional Directors will oversee these processes. Your current Student Support Associate will continue to assist with admissions and enrollment.

Will there be any impact on students?
We expect a positive change for our international students and their families, particularly because they will now have one point of contact – their Student Services Coordinator – who will work with them on their academic, cultural and home life experiences.

Will this impact host families?
We believe this will have a positive impact on host families because their Student Services Coordinator will be locally based and will have a complete understanding of students, families and schools in their area.

How many employees are affected?
Approximately 7% of positions have been directly affected nationwide, representing about 49 employees.

Why are you doing this?
The Cambridge Network, now entering its fifth year of international partnerships with double-digit growth year-over-year, has experienced some growing pains, as many organizations do.

The company’s leaders understand that some of these challenges are related to an infrastructure that was not suitable or sustainable for such tremendous success. As a result, our owners and leadership team are making every effort to ensure that our mission – to provide the best service to our international students, their families, host families, and United States schools – is met with the most effective and efficient infrastructure.