Students at Sparhawk School get into the holiday spirit!

Holidays at Sparhawk School

“Throughout the past few weeks at the Haverhill Dorm at Sparhawk School we have had the opportunity to do much culture sharing. For Thanksgiving, we had a big meal together that we enjoyed with the students, school staff and some of the students’ friends. Students had the opportunity to share what they were grateful for on a card, and a “grateful garland” was then hung up in the dining room.

We also had a Christmas party where we invited others from the school. We played games, listened to Christmas music and had a gingerbread man contest. The students enjoyed decking the halls of the dormitory with lights and ornaments and decorating the tree in the common room. In the spirit of giving, students also filled Christmas stockings with candy, homemade cookies, and a note of thanks, and delivered them to faculty and staff.

When our cook made ‘Hot Pot,’ a traditional Chinese dish, the Chinese students happily explained to those of us not familiar how one cooks and eats the meal and the contexts in which a family would usually share such a meal. It is an honor to live and learn alongside them all!” -Olivia Neveu, Dorm Manager