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At Cambridge Network, we strive to assure student safety to the greatest extent possible, have knowledge of a student’s location and ensure that students participate in host family activities and school programs, through Cambridge residential services. Any travel plans which impact these factors requires written approval from a Cambridge residential administrator, in cooperation with the student’s natural parents.

To support all student’s travel requests and ensure their safety while studying in the US, Cambridge Network has established a travel policy. All students enrolled in Cambridge Network’s residential program must follow the travel policy.

Is the student travel permission form always required?

If a student is planning to travel with their host family, through a school organized program, on a day trip or back to their home country, the student is NOT required to submit a Travel Permission Form.

However, the student is required to notify their Student Development Manager (SDM) at least one week in advance of any trips. The SDM will need to know the student’s travel itinerary to be informed of the student’s whereabouts and general travel plans in case of an emergency.

When is the student travel permission form required?

Students are required to submit a Student Travel Permission Form for all other types of travel.

The travel permission form is expected to be submitted to the SDM at least two weeks in advance for the official approval by the Cambridge administrator. If the form is submitted later than the deadline, every effort will be made to expedite approval, provided natural parent’s consent has been documented in advance.

Will all travel plans be approved if submitted within the deadline?

Cambridge Network reserves the right to reject travel plans even if the natural parents approve when a review determines that it is potentially unsafe for the student. Cambridge will provide explanations for denials of travel plans to the student, host family, and natural family.

Cambridge urges all students to utilize travel approval procedures to ensure safety and for emergency contact purposes

Who should I contact if I have questions about the student travel policy?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the Cambridge Homestay Travel Policy, please contact your SDM who can answer your specific questions.

Our student is interested in traveling. Where can I find the student travel permission form?

Please select the student travel permission form applicable to your student and submit to your SDM.

China – Student Travel Permission Form

Korea – Student Travel Permission Form

Vietnam – Student Travel Permission Form

Important reminder:

With the holidays coming up, it’s important to remember unauthorized travel may result in the loss of travel privileges in the future or, in some cases, removal from the residential program.  Students should not purchase any airline, bus, or train tickets prior to official Cambridge approval as many tickets are often non-refundable.

Learn more about how Cambridge Network supports host families, frequently asked questions, and more in our homestay blog section. Want to become a host or know someone that is interested, please fill out an inquiry form.


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