Cambridge Network Host Family Testimonial: The Cordova Family

The Cordova family have been hosting their student, Summer, since the fall of 2017. Summer attends the Wooster School in Danbury, CT.

What initially drew your interest in becoming a Cambridge Network host for international students?

Our family loves to travel and we have a passion for learning about new cultures and languages. Our goal was to adopt at some point in our lives, but we wanted to have the opportunity to “wet our feet” a bit first and see if we could open the doors to our home to someone studying in the US. We thought it would be a great way to start such a life-changing decision.

Please share some of the most memorable and fulfilling moments of your hosting experience in the past year.

We honestly feel like Summer; our host student has come into our lives in the perfect time. We have created so many memories in just sharing our cultures. From cooking together and talking about what life back in China is for her. It was also a very nice moment when we finally met her parents this year. They were so grateful to spend time with us, as were we.

What can you share about your student’s progress and growth over the last year or since you began hosting your student?

Summer is such a great spirit. Even in the times when she felt upset over missing her family, she would always welcome any opportunity for us to try and console her. She has had a stressful year as a junior in high school and getting ready for her SATs and other important exams, but she’s always had a great dedication towards her studies. We have tried our best to give her enough space, so she felt confident in herself.

How has Cambridge Network supported your hosting experience?

We really enjoy the Network’s way to keep parents updated with any important school-related information, we think it’s key, just in case our student fails to mention events. We feel confident that we’ve had all the necessary support we needed throughout this year.

What advice would you give other host families?

Open your doors! You will learn a lot about your family dynamic and the impact of culture sharing in your home. It’s a wonderful opportunity to help a student in reaching their career ambitions and so gratifying when they do!

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