End of the Year Checklist for Host Families

The school year is coming to an end, and so are your hosting duties! There are still a couple of things that need to be done before your student heads home. Below, we have listed essential things hosts need to complete before you hang up your hosting hat for the summer! We hope this makes your last couple of weeks a little easier.

1. The end of the year event is near! Make sure to RSVP to your Student Development Manager if you can make it or not. Hope to see you all there! You made it through a year of hosting, and you deserve a party!

2. Reminder to new hosts to attend their host orientation over the summer with their Student Development Manager.

3. Speak with your student about where they can store their personal belongings over the summer! Remember, that in your contract it is not your responsibility to store their luggage: “Cambridge Network discourages students from leaving their personal belongings at their host’s home or regional coordinators’ homes. Cambridge is not responsible for any personal items left in host homes. Agreements are between the students and their hosts only. SDMs are not responsible for collecting money or contracts that exist between a student and their host home as it relates to summer storage.”

4. Make sure your student has all their needed documentation signed off for traveling back home for the summer. (Visas, passports, updated vaccinations, etc.)

5. Talk to your students and make sure they have needed textbooks and materials if they have summer assignments.

6. Confirm with your student when their flight is, what airport they are leaving from, and how they are getting to the airport. In your contract, it states that it is the host’s responsibility to provide transportation to and from the airport for the student during their initial arrival at the beginning of the year and final departure as the student leaves for the summer. If you can not drive, you can help the student confirm another transportation method such as Uber or a taxi. Both are safe and effective.

7. Graduation is upon us! Confirm the date and time of commencement with your student so you can be there to support their great achievement!

8. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures! These memories will be with you for the rest of your life!

9. Do a final walk through in your home with your student to make sure nothing is broken or damaged before the student returns home. If any damage is found, communicate with the student and your current Student Development Manager on creating a plan of action.

10. Have fun! There are only a couple of weeks left. The time is coming to an end, and we hope you and your family had a great experience.

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