How to Prepare for the Holidays With Your International Student

Can you believe it’s already November? The holidays are fast approaching! With school breaks, family time and travelling coming up you might be overwhelmed with how to handle your international student through the holiday season. We’ve compiled some tips here for you and your student depending on what they’re doing during winter break.  As always, communication with your Support Services Coordinator is key in ensuring you student’s safety, as well as keeping things simple and stress-free for you!

If Your Student Goes Home

A majority of our international students decide to go back to their home countries during this school break to visit family and recharge before starting the spring semester. If your student is doing this, work with your SSC to make sure you know all travel arrangements. You will need to coordinate transportation to and from the airport, much like when your student arrived in the summer. Communicate early and often with your international student about his or her plans, and encourage them to tell you any changes as soon as possible.

If Your Student Travels Domestically

Some students decide to travel to other places within the United States to visit friends or family, or to just tour a different city. In this case, coordinate with your SSC to figure out the travel logistics and to make sure the student will be safe throughout his or her journey.

If Your Student Stays With You

If your student decides not to travel domestically or back home, they may elect to stay with you over the school break. In this case, continue to include your student in your family’s holiday traditions and teach him or her about the importance of the holidays to your family. Remember that there is an important Chinese holiday, DōngZhì, on December 22nd. This could be a great time to exchange information and learn about different cultures.

If you are going away for the break and are unable to bring your student with you, contact your SSC and they will place the student in a respite home for the duration of the time you are gone.

Whatever plans you and your international student have over the holidays, remember that communication is the key to a stress-free holiday season. You Support Services Coordinator will be available to answer any and all questions you may have.

If you do any fun holiday activities with your international student, please send us pictures or video by emailing them to [email protected]! We are hosting a holiday photo contest with the opportunity to win some great prizes! Read more about it here!