Announcing our Annual Holiday Photo Contest!

It’s that time of year again, host families! We want to see how your family celebrates the holiday season with your international student! We’re asking all of you to send photos or videos of your family and your student doing something holiday related! We’re excited to see how you teach your student about your unique traditions and celebrate the immersion of cultures around the world. Any holiday whether it’s Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, DōngZhì, or New Year’s Eve is a great opportunity to exchange culture and bond together.

Please submit all photos or videos to [email protected] The deadline to submit everything is January 15, 2017. At this time, we will select a winner for “Best Photo,” “Funniest Photo,” and “Most Unique Photo.” Each winner will receive a prize, and we will announce them in the February edition of our Homestay Happenings. We are looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing your stories from the upcoming holiday season!