Live with An American Family | Cambridge Network Homestay

For international students, living with an American family during the international study experience is one of the best ways to learn about American culture. 

Cambridge Network Homestay, formerly gphomestay, facilitates 2,200+ American host family experiences for international students in 39 states, dedicating itself to the principle of providing a loving, nurturing, and supportive family environment for every international student coming to the U.S. 

From safety screening and reviews to orientations and training, Cambridge Network utilizes a thorough process to ensure that host families selected will offer a welcoming and nurturing home environment. In addition to a criminal background check and home inspection, Cambridge Network ensures that every family is supportive and caring of their international student as if they were their own child. Before approval to host with Cambridge Network, professional training is provided to ensure that each family is fully prepared to support students from various cultural backgrounds. 

“We supported Joe just as we would our own children,” says Stephanie Monteith, a host mom at Cambridge Network. “In his first year of school, we helped him in his communication with his teachers if he didn’t understand an assignment or concept. As a senior, Joe really took control of his studies. We are proud of the way Joe handled different academic challenges and struggles.” 

Cambridge Network Homestay staff conducts regular outreach contact with all students and host parents to ensure that they are thriving together, followed by providing regular communication to natural parents about their child’s progress and well-being. Optional services include quarterly cultural activities, additional in-person check-ins, quarterly reports for natural parents, health insurance, subject-specific tutoring, and college and university counseling.

Cambridge Network commits to providing a safe and accommodating homestay solution for each international student. With full approval listing by the Council on Standards for International Travel (CSIET), Cambridge Network’s homestay services ensures quality international educational experiences for youth at the high school level. 

For more information or to inquire about becoming a host family or independent homestay enrollee of Cambridge Network, please contact [email protected].