Planning for Holiday Travel – Host Family and International Student Travel Guidelines

The holiday season is fast approaching! That may mean coordinating travel plans for your family and international student.  The process can be overwhelming, and Cambridge Network is here to help! Please see the summary below of Cambridge Network’s travel guidelines and requirements.  As always, keeping open communication with your Student Development Manager (SDM) and your student is key to ensuring that everyone is safe and the process is simple and stress-free!

Here are some reminders about the Cambridge Network Travel Policy:

  1. Student Travel
  • Travel Forms are available through your SDM. Please be sure you have the correct form for the 2019-2020 school year.
  • Your SDM needs to be aware of any student travel away from the host’s home, even when the travel form is not required.
  • If student travel involves missing any school days, written permission must first be obtained from the school. Any permission received from school should also be shared with your SDM.
  • Students and hosts should communicate clearly about how the student will get to and from the airport on departure and arrival days. Although hosts are not required to provide airport transportation during the school year, students may request transportation support. Careful communication and planning for transportation arrangements is essential!
  1. Student Travel Form Details
  • Adherence to travel policy is required for all Cambridge students regardless of age.
  • Cambridge Network student travel forms are required for any overnight travel away from the host’s home EXCEPT when student is:
    • returning to their family in their home country
    • traveling with the host family
    • traveling with their natural parents
    • traveling on a school trip
  • Cambridge Network student travel forms should be submitted to your SDM for approval at least two weeks before the student’s planned travel.
    • The form must be complete, legible and in English.
    • Details on the travel form should be complete. (For example, airline and flight number should be provided if traveling by plane.)
    • The form should not be pre-signed by natural parents.
    • The SDM will work with colleagues to talk with the natural parents and get their signatures if travel is confirmed.
    • The emergency contact on the form must be at least 25 years of age.
    • For safety reasons, not all travel requests can be approved even if natural parents have accepted the travel plans. Final travel approval is at the discretion of Cambridge Network.
  1. Host Family Travel
  • If your student does not join you on vacation during a time when your international student is under your care, please inform your SDM as early as possible.
  • Your SDM will help to arrange respite care with another Cambridge approved host while you are away.

Please reach out to your SDM with any questions!  Let’s work together to be sure this is a safe and enjoyable travel season for all!

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