Recognizing and Overcoming Culture Shock with your International Student

Studying in a different country is incredibly challenging for a myriad of reasons, including being immersed in a completely new and foreignculture for the first time. Your international student will go through a wide range of emotions as he or she navigates through unfamiliar cultural customs, language, and food. These emotions are called culture shock, and are experienced through four phases: The Honeymoon Phase, The Isolation Phase, The Recovery and Understanding Phase, and The Acclimatization Phase.

The second phase of culture shock, The Isolation Phase, can be the most confusing and difficult time for you and your student. The initial excitement of being in a new place has worn off, and they may begin to feel homesick and anxious which will affect their overall mood, and could affect their studies.

All international students will go through some form of culture shock, but it will affect some students harder than others. Learning to recognize the signs of culture shock, and how to help your student through each phase will foster a happier and more productive learning and living environment in your home.

Want to learn more? We hosted a webinar on October 27, 2016 to discuss the signs and symptoms of culture shock, and how to help your student reach the acclimatization phase.  The webinar featured a panel of experts who have first-hand experience in dealing with international students who have experienced culture shock symptoms. The panelists shared insights and stories, as well as answered attendee questions.