Webinar Recap: “What to Really Expect When Hosting an International Student”

On Wednesday, June 7, 2017, Cambridge Network hosted an informative webinar for prospective host families titled “What to Really Expect When Hosting an International Student.” Hosted by Cambridge Network’s Maura Pfeifer, the webinar outlined specific details on what to expect as a member of a host family.

Topics included:

  • The cultural background of the incoming international students, and how it differs from cultural background in the U.S.
  • How the U.S. education system differs from other cultures.
  • What is expected from host families, and the various duties that require fulfillment.
  • The various resources and services Cambridge Network Homestay provides to all hosts, and how to take advantage of this service.
  • The steps needed to be approved as a host family.
  • The matching process that finds the perfect host family for individual international students.
  • What to expect when hosting an international student.

The webinar also featured special guest Sasha Thomas-Nuruddin, who has previously hosted an international student through Cambridge Network Homestay Services. Sasha now works for Cambridge Network as a Host Recruitment Coordinator. With an established host providing insight on their experience hosting international students, this webinar proved to be a great resource for anyone interested in hosting through Cambridge Network Homestay Services.

Attendees had the chance to sit in on an online presentation explaining the process of becoming a host family and how they would be supported throughout the entirety of the international student’s stay. A follow up Q&A was held for any questions or concerns that had not been mentioned in the presentation.

The webinar “What to Really Expect When Hosting an International Student” can be viewed below.