International Students Celebrate Mother’s Day with Host Families

May 14, 2017 was Mother’s Day in the United States! Cambridge Network would like to extend our thanks to all the host mothers who tirelessly care for their families, including the international students they have taken in for the school year.

Observed by over 40 countries worldwide, Mother’s Day falls on different days depending on the region. Traditions similar to Mother’s Day have been dated back thousands of years in ancient civilizations, but “Mother’s Day” as we know it has been officially recognized since the early 1900’s. It was first celebrated in 1908, then declared a national holiday by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914.

We asked our host families and international students to send any stories and photos to our Facebook last week, and we received some great feedback. Two Cambridge Network students, Rose and Lexi, shared pictures of the cards they presented to their host mothers.

international student cambridge network

“To my best American Mother:

Thank you so much for taking care of me. I’m not very good with words. But I still want to say “Thank you” to you.

When trouble comes, you always encourage me like my best friend. I still remember the first time I came here you made me feel at home and took me to eat ice cream and getting my ears pierced.

You help me a lot. Really. There are little things that I should have said and done to show my gratitude, but it’s appreciated what you do

I wish you the best of health on this Mother’s Day and happy every day J

Thank you!!

By Rose”

international student cambridge network

“To the Nicest Mom:


Thank you for giving me a home where I can feel love and cared. Thank you for being a Mom and a friend to me. Thank you for everything. I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day and every day after this! Please know that you are always loved, cared and remembered!

From Lexi”


Thank you to the host families and international students that shared their Mother’s Day experiences with us. Follow us on Facebook for more host family and international student stories, announcements, and news!