Pan-Fried Ginger Mushroom Chicken 薑汁蘑菇燒雞 | Cooking Corner

Chinese New Year is coming up on January 27th! This year is the Year of the Rooster! You can use this traditional chicken recipe to celebrate with your international student. We’ve included instructions in Mandarin and English to help your student understand the recipe. Happy cooking!

食材及調味料   Ingredients & Seasoning

蘑菇  Mushroom: 1碗   ½ – 1 lb.

去骨雞腿肉  Boneless Chicken Thighs : 4-6片  4-6 pieces

馬鈴薯  Potato (large): 1顆  1

地瓜    Sweet Potato or Yam: 1顆 1

花耶菜  Broccoli: 1顆   1

薑末 Minced ginger: 1湯匙  1 Tbsp.

油     Cooking oil: 2匙 2 Tsp.

日式醬油   Japanese style soy sauce: 2匙 2 Tsp.

米酒   Rice Wine (or cooking wine): 1匙  1 Tsp.

味淋   Mirin (Japanese sweet cooking wine):  1匙  1 Tsp.   (can skip)

糖    Sugar: 少許  1-2 pinches


Step 1

雞腿肉先用薑末,醬油,味淋,米酒,糖,醃製30分鐘    Marinate the thighs with ginger, soy sauce, mirin, rice wine and sugar.

Step 2

把醃製好的雞肉連同醬汁放入電鍋內蒸煮,一杯水跳起就可以 Put the marinated meat with the sauce into the rice cooker (or steamer), add one cup of water in the outer pot to steam till meat turns white with no pinkness.

Step 3

在蒸煮雞肉的同時,把馬鈴薯跟地瓜切小塊,和蘑菇一起用油煎到表面金黃,盛起備用。 花椰菜用加入鹽跟油的滾水燙過,讓蔬菜顏色保持翠綠。While the chicken is steaming, you can cut the potato and sweet potato to small bite size pieces.  Pan-fry the potato and mushrooms with some oil till the veggies turn golden color.  Boil some water and put some salt and oil in it to blanch the Broccoli florets.

Step 4

蒸熟的雞肉取出,把雞腿肉夾出,放入鍋中,皮面朝下,煎到表面金黃! Take out the steamed thighs and pan-fry with some oil, skin-side down till golden.

Step 5

再把剛煎過的蔬菜放入  Put the pan-fried veggies into the pot

Step 6

倒入蒸煮雞肉的湯汁,湯汁蒸煮後保留了雞的高湯,這樣的醬汁會更鮮美  Pour the sauce from the chicken into the pot to make sure the veggies can soak up the sauce.

Step 7

煮到醬汁收到濃稠就完成了! Cook till the sauce thickens and the chicken and veggies are at the desired texture.

Step 8

擺盤上桌! Arrange the blanched broccoli in a large plate to create a nest for the chicken and veggies, don’t forget to pour the sauce over the chicken and veggies.  Now enjoy!!!

Happy Rooster Year!!!

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