Seattle Lutheran High School students celebrate Christmas!

The Cambridge Network students and host family members from Seattle Lutheran High School, 33 in all, celebrated Christmas at the home of the Menashe family on the evening of Dec. 9th. Each family brought their favorite Christmas cookies to share. Each international student and guest child provided a Christmas ornament wrapped for a gift exchange. Ben Gomes, the ESL teacher, was present with his family as well. Ben had earlier in the day had an activity in ESL class where the students decorated  Christmas ornaments. This was very helpful since most international students do not understand the importance of Christmas ornaments and how they are often saved as keepsakes throughout the years to decorate the Christmas tree. This activity gave the students their first keepsake ornament, reminding them of their time at their American school with their American families. Sampling the variety of Christmas cookies was also part of this special time. Yiteng Guo (Eddie) had the fun of not only tasting the cookies but he learned to make the cookies that his family brought to the party (see photos below).